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we offer German Courses, Internship, Study Tour (EDUCAMP), Proof Reading & General Study Information


we publish your books, academic works and scientific articles

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we help you in German-Indonesian translation, statistical analysis, event management and multi media 

Bridging Indonesia and Germany


we are building bridges between Indonesia and Germany, particularly in the education and academic sectors.


It is our goal to bring both countries closer together in the human ressource development.


Our partners both in Germany and Indonesia under the same umbrella will be happy to assist you in doing your mission in Germany and Indonesia.


Please contact us for further infomation  

Partner in Germany


UNIMATRIX UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


Berliner Business Center

Landsberger Allee 394

12681 Berlin.

Federal Republic of Germany


Tel. +49 30 338 40971

WA. +49 179 66 90714


Company register: HRB 172889 B

Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

Partner in Indonesia


PT. UNIMATRIX Indonesia Internasional


Representative Desk:

Vamonos Coworking

Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No.84-86

10310 Jakarta.

Republic of Indonesia


Tel. +62 821 1015 5517

WA. +62 821 1015 5517





our next course will start on 1st October 2019. We offer preparation courses for the Aufnahmeprüfung (exams for Studienkolleg) that consist of German and Mathematics test. For registration and information you can send us an email to academy@unimatrix.international or WhatsApp message to +49 179 6690714.


As an Indonesian publisher in Germany we will help you in publishing books and other information materials in Bahasa Indonesia with a large market coverage in Germany and European Union, as well as in Indonesia. You can submit your manuscript to publisher@unimatrix.international



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